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Type Ironclad Barque
Role Combat
Hull Strength 17500
Max Cargo 5
Speed 7
Other Storage for 60 Cannon Balls


Metal 600
Wood 550
Doubloons 75000
Level 9
Other Blessed Engine Parts x4
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Badger's iron-reinforced hull makes it stronger than the Otter.

The Badger is a slightly stronger variant of the Otter, with the only difference between the two ships being that the Badger is equipped with an iron-reinforced hull, greatly increasing its hitpoints. This allows the Badger to soak up more damage than the Otter can before sinking.


The Badger's major flaw, lacking a steam engine, is addressed by the Phoenix. This leads to the Badger being an extremely uncommon ship to see being used, when it is so vastly overshadowed.

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