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Combat Role Short-Range Broadsides


Carronades are the second-most common cannons seen mounted on ships. As with all cannons, they require roundshot either in the gunner's inventory or in the ship's ammunition storage to fire. They possess the ability to deal very high damage at close range, though they do not have nearly as much range as Long Guns. Larger cannons do more damage, but can only be mounted on ships that have the ability to mount cannons at or above their size. Generally, larger carronades can be mounted on the same size mounts on a ship (ex. 42-pounder Carronades compared to 36-pounder Long Guns on a Size 7 mount).

The Corncade Carronade is a special, crate-exclusive carronade from 2015 which fires a corn cob rather than a round shot out of the cannon.

The Cupids Carronade is a special, Le Bote promotional event carronade from 2015 which fires a large amount of heart particles out of the cannon alongside a normal roundshot.


Cannon Name Cannon Size Crafting Level
12-Pounder 2 1
18-Pounder 3 2
24-Pounder 4 4
32-Pounder 5 5
42-Pounder 7 7
68-Pounder 8 10
Neptune Super-Carronade 10 10
Corncade Carronade 7 n/a
Cupids Carronade 8 n/a

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