Combat Log

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Combat Log


Type Makeshift Raft
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 12000
Max Cargo 4
Speed 7


Metal 50
Wood 720
Doubloons 0
Level 9
Other Mark of the Nahrluminati x1
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Quite an unusual sail-car.


The Combat Log is a peculiar assembly of driftwood and poorly-felled timber which provides a unique combat role with meme value to spare.

Uses and Armament

The Combat Log posesses the same armament capacity as one broadside of a Cutlass (ship), mounted in forward-facing positions. This allows for the Combat log to easily chase other ships while still firing at them with a powerful armament consisting of two Size 8 cannons and a Swivel gun. The Combat Log's shielded helm position and unique cannon positions also offer significant cover from incoming fire.


The Combat Log is a Community-Made ship, made by Kriegan.

The Combat Log is also a voucher ship, requiring a Mark of the Nahrluminati to be crafted. This method of creating a voucher ship is shared by the Mortar Platform, Titan, and War Koi.

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