Mortar Platform

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Mortar Platform


Type Sloop
Role Personal Transport
Hull Strength 1200
Max Cargo 1
Speed 5


Metal 20
Wood 100
Doubloons 0
Level 1
Other Mortar Platform Voucher
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Goldfish is not capable of much more than getting someone where they need to go. Except this one has a big mortar.


The Mortar Platform is a voucher-redeemable combat ship with an ability to mount a Size 6 Mortar. A deadly weapon in the right hands, this ship allows for an experienced user to both helm and man the mortar fairly efficiently. However, its low health makes it a fragile ship when directly targeted.


The Mortar Platform is a voucher ship, only available by crafting at the Shipwright in a manner similar to the Combat Log or War Koi.

The Mortar Platform can mount one cargo due to it being based off of the hull of a Minnow.

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