Nova Balreska

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Nova Balreska
Nova Balreska.png


Owned Territories Verdantium
Max CP 8
Government System Semi-Democratic Autocracy
Current Leader Chancellor cholaso


Whitecrest Neutral
Hallengard Conflict
Blackwind Pirates Conflict


Nova Balreska is a formerly-democratic faction born out of the defeat of the Verdantine Sovereignty, when the Verner Expedition, supported by Whitecrest, took control of the island and established a new nation out of the occupants of Fort Verner and the ex-Verdantians. It is ruled by a Chancellor, with the Grand Sea Lord as the second-in-command.

Nova Balreska formerly held democratic elections to determine its Chancellor, who would usually rule for 3-6 months before elections occurred. However, following a vote during the second tenure by FlipppyyJr, the government system was reformed to remove these elections in favor of a "General Assembly" who would regulate the powers of the Chancellor and could vote to initiate an impeachment process should they believe the Chancellor is unfit to rule. The election system and the history of military coups and rebellions in the nation have led to several conflicts and power struggles throughout the faction's history, and aftershocks of this history continue to impact the nation to this day.


Chancellor Time of Rule
Kagaros May-December 2016
WilkosGaming December 2016 - February 2017
david89091 February-March 2017
wantingblob March 2017
Flipppyy March-April 2017
david89091 April-August 2017
LittleH4X August-September 2017
FlipppyyJr September 2017-February 2018
lowawesome411 February-March 2018
Rhonor March-August 2018
SaiIingAway August 2018
Davisboy2 August 2018
Admiral Junta August 2018
xxXNIEGEXxx August-September 2018
Kircata September-November 2018
FlipppyyJr November 2018-March 2019
The_VoidSource March-April 2019
ShadowEngineer April-July 2019
cholaso July 2019-Present


Nova Balreska contains both the former Verdantine salt mines and the Sword and Star Tavern.

The spawn-island of Nova Balreska is named Verdantium, after its original owner, the Verdantine Sovereignty.

Nova Balreska takes its name after the origin of the settlers to Fort Verner, who were members of a Balreskan refugee expedition to escape their war-torn and razed homeland.

During the War of Rhonor's Folly in Autumn 2018, Chancellor Rhonor was killed, SaiIingAway resigned, and Davisboy2 was captured, leading to a temporary Admiral Junta consisting of xxXNIEGEXxx, PancakesandSyrup12, and un1que1012. Ultimately, Admiral xxXNIEGEXxx was chosen to be Chancellor after the war's end.

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