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Type Voucher Ship
Role Combat
Hull Strength 1200
Max Cargo 6
Speed 5, 4 with engine


Doubloons N/A
Level N/A
Other Super Steamfish Voucher x10


The Partfish is an additionally modified Super Steamfish, equipped with the same basic layout other than a shiny new golden radio, party lights and disco ball, and an additional makeshift wooden structure over the captain's area of the hull behind the mast. Partyfishes can only be obtained by redeeming 10 Super Steamfish Ship Vouchers at Premium Merchant NPCs while the vouchers are on-sale. When the vouchers go off-sale, the Partyfish can no longer be redeemed.


The Partyfish was the second voucher ship in Tradelands, being released in 2016.

The Partyfish is a common choice for someone looking to do some mischief with little to no crew required, or as a mode of personal transport. It is also used as a display of wealth due to its high cost and rarity.

The Partyfish comes pre-equipped with an oak/magmite 32-pounder and 12-pounder long gun when created, like the Super Steamfish. These cannons have 400 durability by default.

Like Super Steamfishes, Partyfishes only come in one wood type: Inyolan Oak.

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