Verdantine Sovereignty

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Verdantine Sovereignty


Owned Territories None
Max CP 0
Government System N/A
Current Leader N/A


Whitecrest N/A
Nova Balreska N/A
Hallengard N/A
Blackwind Pirates N/A


The Verdantine Sovereignty is a former Tradelands faction. It usually decided its leader, the Governor, by a democratic vote, and was one of the original factions included in the game at release. The faction was removed from the game following its annexation by the Verner Expedition to create the nation of Nova Balreska. Members of Verdantine fled to the new nation of Hallengard, became members of the Blackwind Pirates, or stayed as new citizens of Nova Balreska.


Governor Time of Rule
Milbert23 May-September 2015
Fraunsnak September 2015-May 2016
Waffles118 May 2016
T3X4NACTU4L May 2016


The Verdantine Sovereignty is referenced in the glowie material Verdantium and in multiple ways in the Sword and Star Tavern on the island of Verdantium (home island of Nova Balreska).

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