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Owned Territories Whitecrest, Fenwick, Perth
Max CP 16
Government System Monarchy
Current Leader King hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333


Nova Balreska Neutral
Hallengard Conflict
Blackwind Pirates Conflict


Whitecrest is one of the original factions of Tradelands, having been in the game since release. It is a monarchy, led by a King, whose second-in-command is the Minister of the Navy. The King has unrestricted power in choosing his heir. As such, relatively few leadership struggles have arose within Whitecrest over its history.

The Kingdom of Whitecrest was a former subject of the Empire of Inyola, until it rebelled under the command of then-Viceroy and later King Taborak. It has been in several previous wars and alliances, having been allied to every other player-controlled faction at one time or another and having fought every player controlled faction except for the Verner Expedition. Whitecrest currently controls Perth, having occupied it following the War of Rhonor's Folly in Autumn 2018.


King Time of Rule
Holyswine May-June 2015
Notom June 2015
Kagaros June-October 2015
Taborak October-December 2015
Avortolani December 2015-May 2016
hahabooman1234 May 2016-February 2017
Avortolani February 2017
EpicDogMan10 February-May 2017
99504man May-November 2017
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333 November 2017-Present


Whitecrest once had a democratic vote where the citizens and navymen voted to remove democratic measures from the King's government, such as voting in new Kings rather than letting the King himself decide his successor.

Whitecrest has a Pizzeria on its main island, in a blue building located near the cargo platform.

As part of past joke changes-of-leadership, captainDennyV and dogdan17 have both previously been "King" of Whitecrest for a short period of time.

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