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The Alliance is quite the vessel, while not being the biggest ship in size, its health is massive and can tank quite the amount of shots. The ships' broadside is the largest in the game in terms of quantity. The ship can be seen mostly in a support role offering major firepower and tank ability. It is highly advised you never use this ship alone as a lone Alliance fighting a fleet will never end well for the Alliance.



Type Sloop-of-War
Role Combat
Hull Strength 23000
Speed 6
Armament 16x Medium Cannon, 2x Light Cannon (Bow), 2x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 0
Other Storage for 200 Cannon Balls


Metal 300
Wood 1,500
Doubloons 1,200,000
Level 10
Other 5x Spruce or Pine Decking
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Alliance is a fairly large ship, requiring many men to crew it. This version has a pine (or spruce) deck.


  • The Alliance like the Hook and Taipan are some of the newer ships to Tradelands added on April 24, 2020.
  • The Alliance comes in two varieties, one with a spruce deck and another with a pine deck.

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