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The Atlas is the largest mercantile ship in the game, with the second highest cargo capacity and a very large profile. It has a strong broadside, considering its role as a trading vessel. Due to its slow turn rate and mediocre speed, it is vulnerable to pirate attacks. The Atlas is among the most popular trading ships for both solo traders and crews.



Type Indiaman
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 20000
Speed 6
Armament 10x Heavy Cannon, 2x Light Cannon (Stern), 2x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 18
Other Storage for 100 Cannon Balls


Metal 200
Wood 900
Doubloons 84000
Level 10
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Atlas's awesome cargo capacity and armament more than makes up for her lack of speed.


  • The Atlas had the highest cargo capacity out of all the ships in the game prior to the introduction of the Mastiff.
  • The Atlas is part of a ship family with the Astraeus and Prometheus, thus sharing many features.
  • The Atlas is quite vulnerable at its bow due to lack of cannons protecting those regions, combined with its slow turn speed.
  • Utilizing the swivel guns on pirates boarding from the side may deal critical damage.
  • Before a remodel, the Atlas lacked stern guns.
  • The Atlas was removed from the Shipright as of the 4/20/2021 update.

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