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The skills list in the Character menu.

Skills are abilities that players train and level up through gameplay. Skills can be trained by performing actions relevant to each skill, granting experience which builds up towards levels.

All skills start at a level of 0 with no experience, and cap out at a maximum level of 10.

Achieving high levels in skills will grant players additional abilities in that skill; such as extra drops, new craftable items, or increased stamina.

There are 11 skills that players can train in Tradelands. Skills are broadly separated into three categories; combat, gathering and artisan.

Combat Skills

Skill Description

Gathering Skills

Skill Description
Mining Used to obtain Metals from ore nodes. Metals can be used to create items in Artisan skills.
Timber-Felling Used to obtain Woods from trees. Metals can be used to create items in Artisan skills.
Fishing Used to obtain Fish from the ocean. Fish can be used to create fish cargo, which is worth more more than regular cargo.

Artisan Skills

Skill Description
Candle Making