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Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 27500
Speed 4, with engine
Armament 1x Heavy Turret (Forward, Mortar Compatible), 1x Medium Turret (Rear), 2x Medium Cannon (Bow), 2x Swivel Guns
Max Cargo 0
Other Storage for 200 Cannon Balls


Metal 2600
Wood 550
Doubloons 2000000
Level 10
Other Advanced Engine x1
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Binglehoppers' iron hull and multiple turrets make it a formidable opponent to any foe. Press E to toggle steam off and on. Requires coal to run. *HAS NO SAILS*

The Binglehopper is a very tanky ship most often seen in a support role with its massive hull strength and slow speed and turn-rate. Sporting a very impressive arsenal, (2x 32 pounder long guns facing (front), a size 10 turret on the top of the ship which is mortar compatible (front) 2x Swivel guns, and a size 9 turret in the rear). Players will usually make configurations to their Binglehopper depending on playstyle. A common one is using the twin long gun turret as it does a considerable amount of damage and has good range. Another is using the Neptune's Howitzer, while doing less damage than its peers, it has the most range and can be used to tag ships getting away. Using the super carronade is quite uncommon to see as while it dishes out a lot of damage, it lacks the range of the previous options. Finally, we have the option of using a mortar which can be used to destroy enemy cannons and helms when a skilled mortarer is at the reigns.


The Binglehopper was released on December 22, 2019

Unlike the Neptune or Poseidon, the Binglehopper's upgrade is purely cosmetic.

The Jinglehopper upgrade was released along with the Binglehopper and would give the ship a Christmas theme complete with a Christmas tree, presents, and festive plants.

Players often shorten the name of the Binglehopper to just "Bingle"

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