Blackwind Pirates

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Blackwind Pirates


Owned Territories Blackwind Cove
Max CP 14
Government System Anarchy
Current Leader TwilightRealmFlopi


Whitecrest Conflict
Nova Balreska Conflict
Nassau Conflict

The Blackwind Pirates are a conglomeration of rogue pirates and organized pirate crews whose sole goal is to make money. The faction has a Pirate King, who grants his or her blessing to crews for their participation in battles or in events such as the Freeport Games. Additionally, each of the Captains of verified crews have a presence on the Captain's Table, where the leading figures from the various crews that compose Blackwind meet and discuss.


Pirate King Crew Led Time of Rule
Unknown Unknown May – October 2015
Veltexus Ab Gang October – December 2015
Valkian The Lockwind Pirates December 2015 - January 2016
Zoulvengeance N/A January – February 2016
darksnuggles Le Phantom Pirates February – May 2016
UnstoppableAnarchy Misfits of Blackwind May – August 2016
ExtremeFireTroll The Green Phantom August – October 2016
Snpr1234 Harbingers of Meme October – December 2016
captainDennyV N/A December 2016 - February 2017
Pompf Imperial Pirates February – March 2017
UnstoppableAnarchy Misfits of Blackwind March 2017
Snpr1234 Harbingers of Meme March 2017 - February 2018
UnstoppableAnarchy Misfits of Blackwind February – March 2018
Riezzen Prussketeers March – April 2018
DarkLieutenant Dark Nebula Pirates March 2020 - June 2020
FlenTix Blood Rose Bandits June 2020 - July 2020
benkall El_Diablo July 2020 - February 2021
EfficientYT Black Frost Syndicate February 2021 – March 2021
TwilightRealmFlopi Imperial Reunifications Fleet April 2021 – Present

Current Official Pirate Crews

Crew Captain Link to Group
Prussketeers Captain Riezzen Pruss
Phantom's Vengeance Captain ExtremeFireTroll PV
El_Diablo Captain benkall ED
Rogue Raiders Captain Plobethus RR
Imperial Reunifications Fleet Pirate Queen TwilightRealmFlopi IRF
The Holy Jar Captain picklewig Holy Jar
Imperial Marine Corps Captain 2334hi IMC
Sinister Dragons Captain CptArmandoSalazar SD
Unrisen Souls of Blackwind Captain ExtremelyUnlucky USB
Los Últimos Cazadores Captain ItsChrizz LUC
The Ravaging Desperadoes Captain RadiDoom TRD
Dark Nebula Pirates Captain DarkLieutenant DNP
Iron Tide Captain zachgaudio Iron Tide


  • In March 2020, the Pirate King rank was reinstated.
  • The Blackwind Pirates are the only known pirate faction in Tradelands.

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