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Bounties are a mechanic which a player can use to earn Doubloons by defeating another player and come in two varieties - player bounties and navy bounties.

Player Bounties

The Blackwind Cove Bounty Hunter.

Player bounties can be placed and checked through the Bounty Hunter NPC located on the varoius spawn islands, Salem, and Burkeland, usually found in corners or alleyways away from the other NPCs. Interacting with the NPC will bring up a menu showing all players with bounties in the server, the size of their bounty, as well as the faction they are playing on. A button at the top of the menu allows the player to place bounties of their own, with bounties being placed in increments of either 100 or 1000 Doubloons and a 20% tax being placed on any bounties. Stacking multiple bounties will result in the totals adding together, and the bounty will follow the player through servers until they are killed. There are no restrictions on who can claim these bounties, however if the player dies due to a weapon's material effect, the bounty will not be distributed, as the player has to die from a direct damage source.

Navy Bounties

Navy bounties are automatically accrued by pirates selling stolen cargo, with the bounty being applied to the ship captain. The amount of bounty applied is dependent on the value of the stolen cargo and the size of the crew, with larger crews and higher cargo sell prices imposing a larger bounty on the captain. As bounties begin to accumulate, the chat will begin to display messages in chat to all pirates and official navy members in the server whenever the pirate joins the game on a pirate faction, with the message displayed dependent on the size of the bounty:

Bounty Message
5,000+ Doubloons Wanted pirate <player> has appeared.
50,000+ Doubloons Notorious pirate <player> has appeared.
100,000+ Doubloons Infamous pirate <player> has appeared.
200,000+ Doubloons Feared pirate <player> has appeared.
325,000+ Doubloons Dreaded pirate <player> has appeared.
500,000+ Doubloons Legendary pirate <player> has appeared.

Unlike player bounties, navy bounties can only be claimed by ships owned by a Lieutenant+ in an official navy sinking a ship the wanted pirate is on, if multiple wanted pirates are on the ship it will claim the pirate with the highest bounty. Also unlike player bounties, claiming the bounty will distribute the bounty across the entire crew rather than to just the person who landed the finishing blow, ensuring fair compensation across the whole crew.

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