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Brawling is skill that is leveled up by fighting other players in hand to hand combat (equipping an empty hotbar slot). Each level of brawling increases the stamina of the player. Like other skills in the game, the maximum level for the Brawling skill is 10.


Leveling up the brawling skill also rewards the player with cosmetic titles.

List of titles
Level Title
2 Rowdy
4 Brawler
6 Face Smasher
8 Champion
10 Gentleman


  • The title given for obtaining level 10 brawling, “Gentleman”, is likely an ironic reference to the fact that brawling is not very gentleman-like.
  • When a brawling attack is blocked by any weapon (or a brawling block), a punch sound is played instead of the regular metal clashing sound that is normally heard when an attack is blocked. Meanwhile, if a weapon is blocked by brawling, the metal clashing sound will still play despite the fact that it was a weapon hitting the player’s bare hands.
  • Unlike blocking with a sword, blocking with fists only has 1 position, making it much easier to block attacks from any direction.