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Cargo trading is the purchase, transport, and sale of cargo from one port to another in order to gain doubloons.

How to Cargo Trade

Buying Cargo

Each of the named islands has a Trader NPC found on that island's docks, which sells a unique type of cargo (with the exception of Clydesdale and Saint Christopher, which are fort islands and thus do not have cargo). Interacting with the vendors will open the shop menu. Regular cargo (bought with doubloons) will return the least profit, Premium cargo (bought with copper or mahogany) will return more profit, and fish cargo (bought with fish) will generally return the highest profit. Cargo will be automatically stored in the ship's cargo hold when it is bought.

Transporting Cargo

Cargo can be transported to another island by storing it on a ship (as well as your hand) and then sailing to that island. The further away the destination island is from the cargo’s origin, the higher the sale price and experience gain (experience is proportional to the amount of profit).

Selling Cargo

Cargo can be sold by, interacting with an island's trader, (all named islands excluding Clydesdale and Saint Christopher have traders) selecting the type of Cargo, and clicking "Sell." If you were the person who bought the cargo that was sold, you will gain a 30 doubloons commission on top of the regular revenue.



New low-level players can buy regular cargo for free. The price of cargo increases as the player levels up, up to 30 doubloons.


For more details, see Crew.

When you are in a crew, all crew members will get doubloons as well as experience from sold cargo, but the revenue and experience are reduced slightly for crew members compared to the captain. Having a crew with a number of members greater than 6(including Captain, 7 on the Demeter) will cause the crew to earn fewer doubloons from sold cargo.

Stealing Cargo

Cargo can be taken from enemy factions' cargo hold on their ships. Cargo stolen in this fashion will sell for 1.5x+0.5/Crew Size times the regular sell price of the cargo, with official crews playing on Blackwind or navies playing on their respective factions getting an additional 0.5x.

List of Cargo

List of Cargo
Location Seller Cargo Price
Blackwind Cove Trader Thatch Lobster 0 - 30 doubloons
Eyepatches 0 - 30 doubloons
Scrap Metal 0 - 30 doubloons
Burkeland Trader Geoffrey Biscuits 0 - 30 doubloons
Tea 0 - 30 doubloons
Cannoneer's Key Trader Thom Oranges 0 - 30 doubloons
Melons 0 - 30 doubloons
Fish Trader Nemo Red Drum 6 Red Drum
Tuna 2 Tuna
Marlin 3 Marlin
Corsica Trader Teach Hardtack 0 - 30 doubloons
Peglegs 0 - 30 doubloons
Fenwick Trader Channing Apples 0 - 30 doubloons
Cheese 0 - 30 doubloons
Fort Verner Trader Fred Pottery 0 - 30 doubloons
Dolls 0 - 30 doubloons
Freeport Trader Geoffrey Banana 0 - 30 doubloons
Lemons 0 - 30 doubloons
Silverware 0 - 30 doubloons
Fish Trader Michael Ross Ballyhoo 12 Ballyhoo
Trout 10 Trout
Tarpon 6 Tarpon
Harrisburg Trader Harper Molasses 0 - 30 doubloons
Chicken 0 - 30 doubloons
Farm Tools 0 - 30 doubloons
Fish Trader Harper Mullet 12 Mullet
Mackarel 5 Mackarel
Nassau Trader Tiffany Linen 0 - 30 doubloons
Sugar 0 - 30 doubloons
Perth Trader Stevens Potatoes 0 - 30 doubloons
Fabric 0 - 30 doubloons
Salem Trader Hobbs Hats 0 - 30 doubloons
Socks 0 - 30 doubloons
Verdantium Trader Alexander Grain 0 - 30 doubloons
Limes 0 - 30 doubloons
Lanterns 0 - 30 doubloons
Musical Instruments 1 Copper
Weymouth Trader Mackenzie Quilts 0 - 30 doubloons
Sheep 0 - 30 doubloons
Whitecrest Trader Nicholas Paper 0 - 30 doubloons
Cocoa 0 - 30 doubloons
Furniture 1 Mahogany