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Official Trailer


  • Added Trader NPC to Burkeland as well as other improvements to the region.
  • Added Eastern Sea region with 2 new ports. Traveling far enough East will prompt this option.
  • Rebuilt Blackwind Cove.
  • The Hallengard flag on the Freeport Arena has been changed to a Nassau flag.


  • Ships now have cargo holds instead of cargo sitting on the deck. Some ships which held cargo before no longer do, but may regain this ability in the future. Walk up to the cargo hold to view cargo information.
  • Cargo can now be traded to other regions (Burkeland and Eastern Sea Region).
  • Cargo will reappear on the buyer's ship if dropped in the water (or disappear if the ship is not available).
  • Cargo can no longer be stolen near docks.
  • Team balance ratios have been removed, and all cargo sell prices have been increased.
  • No cargo is dropped when a ship sinks, and the cost of the cargo is refunded to the ship's owner.
  • All cargo is dropped when a ship combat logs.
  • The player who bought the cargo receives a commission regardless of who sells it.


  • Added Pigeon (Level 10 warship) and Mastiff (Level 10 trader)
  • Atlas, Astraeus, Prometheus, Badger, Falcon, Steamfish, and Arrow are no longer buildable (at least temporarily).
  • Remodeled Goose, Widgeon, Steam Goose, Pheasant, Marlin, Sparrow, and Swallow.
  • Significant changes to stats of remodeled ships as well as Dart, Bullet, Marauder, and several others. Dart can now only carry light guns.
  • New players can now choose between the Swallow and Sparrow for their starter ship.
  • Reworked sail mechanics. Most ships can sail faster in more directions now.


  • All crew members can return to the ship after respawning if they died on the ship. (short delay before teleport option is available, prompt appears on bottom left of screen)
  • A player's location (region) is saved when leaving the game. If you log out at Burkeland you will log in to Burkeland.
  • Improved combat logging detection.
  • Players may log off at sea. Cargo is dropped if enemies are nearby.
  • New NPC models