Community:Nova Fort Rebuildathon (Mar 2021)

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About the Rebuildathon

Players mined an exclusive resource, Stone, at Harrisburg, and used it to buy stone cargo, which they then sold at Nova Balreska. Players aimed to sell the most stone. A leaderboard was visible inside of Fort Gallant for the duration of the event.

After the event, Stone was no longer mineable, and the cargo buy option was removed from Harrisburg.

Event Prizes

  • The top three contributors earned Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies. These trophies are untradable.
  • The top ten contributors earned a unique option to select a "Fort Gallant" layout for their ingame home, which borrows the interior of the old Nova Fort.
  • The top twenty-five contributors earned an ingame miniature model of Fort Gallant. These are tradable.
  • Anyone who contributed at least 100 stone earned an ingame Pet Rock furniture item. These are also tradable.