Cutlass (Ship)

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Cutlass (Ship).png


Type Galleon
Role Blockade Runner
Hull Strength 9500
Speed 10
Armament 4x Heavy Cannon, 2x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 10
Other Storage for 50 Cannon Balls


Metal 120
Wood 660
Doubloons 56500
Level 9
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Cutlass is ideal for making sure your cargo does not get stolen.

The Cutlass is a great multi-purpose ship, being decent at combat and carrying a lot of cargo for its size and speed. Its main advantage is the speed for outrunning and efficient trading. It takes little crew to fully man, making it the ideal trade ship for a smaller crew.


  • The Cutlass is not to be confused with the sword Cutlass.
  • It is extremely similar to the Stiletto but trades the Stiletto's pair of medium cannons for the ability to hold ten cargo.

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