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The General Merchant one of the NPCs found in Tradelands that sells useful tools and consumables for doubloons. The General Merchant is located on spawn islands and Freeport.

Item Price
Stone Axe 10 Doubloons
Stone Pickaxe 10 Doubloons
Torch 50 Doubloons
Round Shot x10 800 Doubloons
Torch 50 Doubloons
Hard Tack x50 50 Doubloons


Hallengard- Bronk

Nova Balreska- Waldo Wells

Whitecrest- Ronaldo Pastrami

Blackwind Cove- Miguel Townley

Freeport- Tyrone Harper

Burkeland- Ian Stone


When Scrap was added, many players bought and scrapped torches, when this scrap was then turned into doubloons at the Scrap Dealer, money would be doubled. This led to many players either being banned or fined various amounts.

Roundshot used to cost 1000 doubloons for 20, making the price 50pp rather than the now 80pp.

The Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe used to be completely free before being changed to 10 doubloons each.

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