Ghost Ships

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Ghost Ships
Ghost Ship Voucher.png


Type Various Ships
Role Combat or Mercantile


Metal N/A
Wood N/A
Doubloons N/A
Level N/A
Other Varying amounts of Red or Blue Ghost Ship Vouchers

Ghost Ships are special ships available only by redeeming a certain amount of Blue or Red Ghost Ship Vouchers at the Premium Merchant NPC. There are two types of Ghost Ship Vouchers, with the Blue vouchers (released in 2016) being older than the Red vouchers (released in 2017), and these vouchers are occasionally available for sale at around 1,000 to 1,200 robux per voucher. The Blue vouchers can be redeemed for an array of combat ships, while the Red vouchers can be redeemed for primarily mercantile ships, alongside a few multi-purpose ships and some mortar ships. Ghost ships are exactly similar to normal ships, except for the fact that they will turn into a transparent, glowing silhouette of a color predetermined by its wood type at night.

The Blue (2016) Ghost Ship Vouchers can be redeemed for:

- Ghost Starling (1 Voucher)

- Ghost Bullet (2 Vouchers)

- Ghost Marauder (3 Vouchers)

- Ghost Widgeon (4 Vouchers)

- Ghost Serpent (5 Vouchers)

- Ghost Stiletto (Ship) (5 Vouchers)

- Ghost Astraeus (10 Vouchers)

- Ghost Neptune (20 Vouchers)

The Red (2017) Ghost Ship Vouchers can be redeemed for:

- Ghost Pelican (1 Voucher)

- Ghost Starling (1 Voucher)

- Ghost Dart (1 Voucher)

- Ghost Pheasant (2 Vouchers)

- Ghost Kestrel (2 Vouchers)

- Ghost Goose (4 Vouchers)

- Ghost Marlin (4 Vouchers)

- Ghost Manta (5 Vouchers)

- Ghost Cutlass (ship) (6 Vouchers)

- Ghost Atlas (8 Vouchers)

- Ghost Kraken (10 Vouchers)

- Ghost Poseidon (20 Vouchers)


Ghost ships are made out of one of six random woods, and this can be denoted by a prefix given to the ship when it is redeemed. in the order of least to most rare:

- Ghostly (Ash, Glows White)

- Ghastly (Grimewood, Glows Green)

- Ghoulish (Ironwood, Glows Light Blue)

- Spooky (Ebony, Glows Dark Blue)

- Spectral (Inyolan Oak, Glows Magenta)

- Demonic (Blood Oak, Glows Red)

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