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Type Fluyt
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 12000
Speed 8
Armament 8x Medium Cannon, 1x Light Cannon (Stern)
Max Cargo 16
Other Storage for 40 Cannon Balls


Metal 80
Wood 450
Doubloons 34500
Level 7
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Goose's wide hull allows her to carry an abundance of cargo while still being decently armed.

The Goose has the second-largest cargo capacity, but possesses a fairly weak armament, slow speed, and an awkward, noticeable build making it a prime target for pirates and a chore to unload. The Goose is a popular early trade ship but is outclassed due to its many disadvantages and drawbacks. It is recommended you use the Goose on smaller, less pirate-infested servers.


  • The Goose possesses two similar Fluyt variants: The Steam Goose, with an engine and mortar, and the Widgeon, which trades cargo capacity and the rear chaser for bow chasers and a better overall cannon layout.
  • The stern cannon on the Goose has an immense range.

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