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High Quality Molds


Obtained Purchase
Use Crafting

High Quality Molds are crafting items obtained through purchase from Loyalty and Premium Merchant NPCs. They are used to craft a variety of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and custom weapon parts, and cost 10 premium tokens or 3 loyalty tokens each.

These items require one High Quality Mold to craft:

- Rapier

- Smallsword

- Stiletto

- Battleaxe

- Narrow Blade

- Rapier Blade

- Spearhead

- Axe Head

- Stiletto Blade

- Strange Axe Head

- Battle Axe Head

- Long Blade

- Jeweled Guard

These items require two High Quality Molds to craft:

- Musket

- Officer’s Pistol

These items require three High Quality Molds to craft:

- Cutlass

- Long Musket

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