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Type Brig
Role Interceptor
Hull Strength 10000
Speed 9
Armament 4x Heavy Cannon, 2x Heavy Cannon (Bow)
Max Cargo 8
Other Storage for 50 Cannon Balls


Metal 115
Wood 650
Doubloons 60000
Level 9
Other 500 Premium Tokens
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Hook's massive bow cannons make it great for piracy.

The Hook is well-suited to chases at sea, boasting 2 heavy cannons on its bow. Don't underestimate the broadside as it also has 2 heavy cannons. The Hook is also a compact ship, having both a cargo/storage room and a captain's quarters.


  • A variant of the Hook, the Alpha Hook!, was given to Alpha testers of Tradelands World who met specific requirements. It contains a radio not found in normal Hooks.

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