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Government System Monarchy


Whitecrest Unknown
Nova Balreska Unknown
Nassau Unknown
Blackwind Pirates Unknown

Burkeland is an NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) faction like Purshovia and Inyola. The island of Burkeland is a little north of Hallengard, as indicated by the map inside the sunken Atlas near Hallengard. The island is biggest to date, featuring a shipyard with large ships being built, a large palace, and a reference to the legend of King Arthur with a sword in a pile of rocks. Burkeland is also known to have control of the island of Harrisburg.


  • Burkeland is named after Superburke1, a previous username of the Tradelands developer J_B.
  • On June 8, 2020, coinciding with the Burkeland Royal Games, the island of Burkeland was added to the game. Players can sail north of Hallengard to be teleported to the region.
  • Most buildable Ship that are used in the Grand Isles are of Burkelandic Design.
  • The Twin Tulips Inn is a reference to the old flag of Burkeland.

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