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Type Rowboat
Role Leisure
Hull Strength 1200
Speed Variable
Max Cargo 1


Metal 15
Wood 60
Doubloons 12000
Level 2
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Who needs wind?

The Koi is one of the simplest, smallest boats in the game. Used to row around the islands of Tradelands in style. Being one of the few paddle ships in game it ignores wind and can travel to any destination without the wind penalty. It is possible to operate the Koi with one person however its far easier and faster with two paddlers, alongside the fast turning speed and how the paddlers on the Koi paddle can make the Koi go out of control spinning or going a direction not intended by the paddlers. Combined with its small scale and fast speed with two paddlers the ship provides plenty of covertness for whatever the desired use is.

The Koi cannot be utilized by Mobile players due to the inability to use the paddle.


The Koi requires a paddle to be used in order to move.

Koi racing is a common event in the Freeport Games.

The ships origin comes from the Japanese Amur Carp.

Two Kois were nailed together with a wooden pallet in the middle to form a War Koi.

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