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Levels and Titles are earned by players through playing the game and leveling up in different types of Skills or meeting a certain requirment in the game. There exist special titles as well, which are either given by the Developers, earned through a special community event, or for redeeming a special toy code. Increasing your level in skills will give benefits to the player

Level Titles

Skill Level 2 Level 4 Level 6 Level 8 Level 10
Gunnery Powder Boy Gunner Dead-Eye Cannoneer Human Kraken
Marksmanship Novice Marksman Marksman Adept Marksman Sniper Pro Sniper
Swordsmanship Novice Warrior Warrior Adept Warrior Man-At-Arms Master-At-Arms
Brawling Rowdy Brawler Face Smasher Champion Gentleman
Mining Novice Miner Miner Adept Miner Prospector Metal Detactor
Timber-Felling Novice Lumberjack Lumberjack Adept Lumberjack Axe Fiend Tree Killer
Fishing Novice Fisherman Fisherman Adept Fisherman Angler Pro Angler
Crafting Novice Craftsman Apprentice Craftsman Journeyman Craftsman Adept Craftsman Master Craftsman
Carpentry Novice Carpenter Apprentice Carpenter Journeymam Carpenter Adept Carpenter Master Carpenter
Blacksmithing Novice Blacksmith Apprentice Blacksmith Journeyman Blacksmith Adept Blacksmith Master Blacksmith
Candle Making Novice Chandler Apprentice Chandler Journeyman Chandler Adept Chandler Master Chandler

Special Titles

Title Requirements
Plunderer As a pirate, steal and sell a unit of cargo while there are at least 10 traders in the server.
Savvy Businessman As a trader, sell a unit of cargo that is at its highest value while there are many pirates in the server.(No longer obtainable)
Master Gunsmith Prove your superior craftsmanship by crafting any cannon with a resulting durability of 400.
Newbie Spawn your first ship.
Captain Spawn a level 10 ship for the first time.
Ironclad Spawn an armored ship for the first time.
Combat Logger Given for Combat Logging.
Entomologist Participate in the Tradelands closed Alpha.
Demolitionist Rewarded for being in the top 100 of Gunpowder contributors to the Shady Mike event.
Lonely Log on during Valentine's Day of 2017.
Nahrmy Cadet Log on during Thanksgiving of 2017.
Spooked Log on during Halloween of 2018.
Bounty Hunter Unlocked by completing the Dead Men Tell No Tales or Atlantis Event.
Treasure Hunter Unlocked by completing the Dead Men Tell No Tales or Atlantis Event.
Sparks Kilowatt Fan Unlocked for completing the Sparks Kilowatt Event.
Bridge Builder Rewarded for taking part in the Bridge Building Event.
War Hero Rewarded to players who took part in the Tradelands World tests.
Alpha Rewarded to players who took part in the Tradelands World Alpha 5 Test.
I Survived the Great Oakening Given to players who purchased the "I Survived The Great Oakening" shirt.
I N N E R C I R C L E 01110111011000010111010001100101011100100110110101100101011011000110111101101110
Wikian Contribute to the official Tradelands wiki.
Moderator Intern Be an Intern for the Tradelands moderation team.
Moderator Be an official Tradelands moderator.

Merchandise Titles

Title Toy Toy Series
Enthusiast Whitecrest Admiral Series 5
Collector Officer Series 7
Sleeper Agent Pyjama Pirate Naptain Celebrity Collection Series 5
Merchant Purshovian Merchant Series 10
Space Traveler Breki Merchant Celebrity Collection Series 8


  • You can request a custom title for yourself in the official Tradelands Discord Server and by paying 300.000 Doubloons.
  • There are unique titles given to players by Developers, one such given title is "why is he here" for the player TheValiant.
  • Prior the August 21, 2020 update, your main level was different across each faction and had to be earned independently, with each faction having a level-respective title depending on your level in it while you played on the faction. After this update, faction titles were removed and levels were consolidated into one main level.