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Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 8800
Speed 8
Armament 6x Heavy Cannon, 1x Heavy Mortar (Bow)
Max Cargo 3
Other Storage for 30 Cannon Balls


Metal 65
Wood 330
Doubloons 28000
Level 6
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Manta's reinforced bow allows her to carry a heavy mortar.

The Manta can carry a Size 8 Mortar on her bow, allowing for a heavy amount of damage to be dealt from relative safety at extreme range. Her broadside cannon armament, cargo capacity, and hitpoints, however, leave some to be desired. The Manta is best used as a support ship with its 48 pound mortar meanwhile, a ship with a better armament and hull strength like a Tyrant should be fighting the enemy ship head on. This ship can be used to flush enemy ships or players from positions like Wind Rock or on an island. If a Manta is in a fleet, it should never be cut off and unsupported for it will quickly sink.


The Manta is the "Older Sister" of the Kestrel, mounting more cannons of a larger caliber, and providing room for a larger mortar on the bow.

The Manta uses the hull from the Shark

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