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Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 8800
Speed 10
Armament 6x Heavy Cannon, 1x Heavy Mortar (Bow)
Max Cargo 2
Other Storage for 30 Cannon Balls


Metal 65
Wood 330
Doubloons 28000
Level 6
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Manta's reinforced bow allows her to carry a heavy mortar.

The Manta is a mortar ship armed with a heavy mortar on its bow, the only non-ironclad capable of carrying this size of mortar. It trades this mortar for decreased broadside cannon armament, cargo capacity, and hitpoints. The Manta is best used as a support ship, firing at the enemy from a distance. It should be noted that aiming the mortar on a Manta is difficult, as the rocking of the ship alters the trajectory.


  • The Manta is the "Older Sister" of the Kestrel, mounting more cannons of a larger caliber, and providing room for a larger mortar on the bow.
  • The Manta uses the hull from the Shark

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