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Type Voucher Ship
Role Combat
Hull Strength 8000
Speed 6
Max Cargo 1


Doubloons N/A
Level N/A
Other Minnowclad Voucher x1

The Minnowclad is a voucher ship that is only obtainable by purchasing the ship with Minnowclad Ship Vouchers at Premium Merchant NPCs. It is a combat variant of the Minnow and a useful ship for combat because of it's small size, relatively quick speed, high health, maneuverability, and two bow-facing, hard-to-counter swivel guns.


The Minnowclad can be made out of many different types of materials when purchased, such as the normal iron, but also gold, silver, copper, pursteel, or steel. Some variants are rarer than others, with gold being the rarest. The metal material is determined at random, but the wood will always be ironwood.

The Minnowclad has 2 sister variants that cost 3 Minnowclad Vouchers instead of 1, the RIOT Minnow and the Steamclad Minnowfish, with the latter only being available while Minnowclad Vouchers are on-sale.

The Minnowclad is one of 6 ships to feature a radio, along with the Super Steamfish, Partyfish, Steamclad Minnowfish, RIOT Minnow, and Advanced Raider.

It is, besides the exception of other Minnowclad and Super Steamfish variants, one of the only ships which comes with cannons mounted at the moment of creation. These cannons, one Advanced and one Spotlight swivel, are also special due to being uncraftable.

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