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Combat Role Long-Range Artillery


Mortars are one of the three cannon types in Tradelands, with the others being Long Guns and Carronades. As with all cannons, they require round shots either in the gunner's inventory or in the ship's ammunition storage to fire (with the exception of port cannons, which do not require round shots to fire as of an update on September 29, 2020). Mortars deal high damage, have extremely long range, and have a larger splash radius than other cannons, but are difficult to aim with and are unable to hit targets close to them due to the arc of shots fired by the cannon. Larger cannons do more damage, but can only be mounted on ships that have the ability to mount cannons at or above their size.

The Red Mortar is a special, crate-exclusive Mortar from 2015 which fires red hammer-and-sickle particles out of the mortar alongside the round shot. It also has a deeper "boom" sound effect when fired. Visually, it is made from Blood Oak and Gold.

The Cupid's Mortar (Not to be confused with its Long Gun counterpart or its Carronade counterpart) is a special mortar which was on sale for a limited time in the premium merchant during the Valentine’s Day event, which fires a large amount of heart particles out of the cannon alongside a pink projectile. Visually, it is made from Angelwood and an unknown pink metal.



Cannon Name Cannon Size Crafting Level Crafting Recipe
Light Mortar 1 0 40 metal, 20 wood
Medium Mortar 2 5 60 metal, 35 wood
Heavy Mortar 3` 7 80 metal, 50 wood
Mortar Turret 5 10 400 metal, 70 wood
Cupid's Mortar 2 N/A N/A
Red Mortar 3 N/A N/A

An update on October 15, 2020 re-worked the cannon size system to simplify it. Prior to this, cannon sizes were organised into 'Pounder' levels. All legacy cannons had their stats changed to be the same as their current counterpart.


Cannon Name Legacy Cannon Size Current Equivalent Size
24-Pounder Mortar 4 1
36-Pounder Mortar 6 2
48-Pounder Mortar 8 3


  • Mortaring is a competition category in the Freeport Games and the Burkeland Royal Games.
  • Mortars can often be seen disarming cannons and killing crew members on ships because of their splash damage.
  • Due to the long range at which mortars are used at, they can be particularly difficult to aim at night time or during a storm.
  • There are only 3 ships available in the game that can mount a size 3 mortar, namely the Manta, the War Koi and the Binglehopper.

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