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NPCs (or Non-Player Characters) are found on every named island in Tradelands. Each NPC is useful to a player in different ways, and most will be used at some point. While NPCs are everywhere, some are special and only appear on certain islands, so it can be useful to know their locations.

NPC Types

The Shipwright is located on every spawn island and is used to build ships with materials in a Player’s warehouse.

The General Merchant is found on spawn islands and Freeport and sells general items for doubloons.

The Warehouse Manager resides on spawn islands, Freeport, Salem, Cannoneer Key, and Nassau.

The Mail Carrier is only found on spawn islands.

The Premium Merchant is on spawn islands and sells items for Robux and Premium Tokens.

The Loyalty Merchant is also on spawn islands, and redeems Loyalty Tokens for items.

The Landlord is only visible at a player's spawn island, allowing a person to buy or enter a house.

The Dockmaster is how a player spawns a ship on any island.

The Bounty Hunter is where players can view bounties within the server, and place doubloon bounties on other people.

The Cargo Seller is located on every island and is where standard cargo is bought.

The Fish Trader is only found on some islands, and will give high value cargo for fish.

The Scrap Dealer is only at Harrisburg and will redeem Scrap for items.

The Tavernkeeper runs the Sword and Star Tavern on Nova Balreska.

The Special Furniture Vendor is at Freeport and trades Loyalty tokens for certain house items.

The Accessory Vendor is also at Freeport and sells equipable player accessories to players for Premium Tokens or Loyalty tokens.

Brek Berkerson is found in a small hole outside of Blackwind Cove and occasionally sells a few rare items for Robux.

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