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Type Barque
Role Combat
Hull Strength 11500
Speed 7
Armament 8x Heavy Cannon, 2x Light Cannon or Mortar (Bow), 2x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 5
Other Storage for 60 Cannon Balls


|Metal = 90 |Wood = 550 |Doubloons = 44000 |Level = 8 }}

Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Otter's high sides protect gunners from incoming cannon-fire.

The Otter is primarily centered to fight other equally-armed ships, equipped with two Size 4 Mortars and four Size 7 cannons per side. Her sides shroud the area around her cannons, protecting her gunners while also partially obscuring their view of their targets. Strong yet overshadowed by upgraded variants, an otter can still be formidable in the right hands.


The Badger and Phoenix can be considered direct upgrades of the Otter, the former possessing an iron-reinforced hull and the latter including the reinforced hull alongside a steam engine.

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