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Type Steamship
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 20000
Speed 6, 4 with engine
Max Cargo 10
Other Storage for 120 Cannon Balls


Metal 320
Wood 980
Doubloons 150000
Level 10
Other Blessed Steam Engine x5
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Prometheus's steam engine allows her to quickly move upwind Press E to toggle the steam engine on and off. Requires coal to use engine.

The Prometheus is a modified Astraeus, sacrificing two size 8 cannons per broadside on the lower deck to allow for the installation of a steam engine. However, it gains the ability to mount three size 6 cannons on the top deck, for a total of a 6-gun broadside.


The strong armament, bolstered upwind mobility, and imposing size of the Prometheus makes it a formidable opponent in battle.

The Prometheus originally had only its three lower-deck size 8 cannons as its only broadside armament, making it a fairly weak combat ship. Now, however, it is a force to be reckoned with.

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