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Roleplay is a special part of the game meant for more experienced players. Roleplay affects the game's world and often times communities inside of the wider Tradelands community. While it's often about factions going to war over islands in the Grand Isles region, there are special types of Roleplay events that happen such as expeditions, NPC Faction wars, and other smaller events like the Inyolan Auction.


To take part in these events, you need to be part of an Official Navy or an approved, official Pirate Crew. If you are in a navy you will need to be crewman for less than 7 days, and if you are Able Crewman, only 5 of your rank may participate in an event. Official pirate crew members have to have been in the crew for a week to participate. In normal battles both sides can can field 15 players only, though there are some exceptions. Once you have been selected you will need to join a special war server that your leader will tell you have to join.

Battles & Events

When you join the war server, players will join their respective factions, being kicked if they join on another faction and do not rejoin on the correct faction. In these events, players only have one life, except in special circumstances such as a fort siege. If you lose your life, you must leave the server unless told to stay or allowed. Featherstones and consumables do not work in this server, and no glowy weapons or items are allowed in battles. While in this server you can use and helm any Ship and use any Cannon you see, being able to steal and use the enemy team's ships, and your PvP setting will be forced to All.


As written already, Roleplay effects the game's world. It can be seen on the map such as the different flags on islands, the shipwrecked Atlas at Fort Verner, and incorperating Roleplay into events and additions to the game, such as Verdantium's remake after Admiral Marochev's bombardment of it and rebuilding after, and the Inyolan origin of the Corsair ship.