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Scrap is a resource obtained by deleting certain warehouse items. Scrap can be used as currency for the Scrap Dealer NPC at Harrisburg or as a material Scrap Rewards furniture.

Obtaining Scrap

Warehouse while delete mode is on.

Scrap can be obtained by deleting certain items in the player's warehouse. This is done by turning on delete mode and shift-double-clicking on items where the scrap symbol is visible underneath the item's durability display (where the item's weight is normally shown). The amount of scrap a that is received from deleting an item depends on the type of item, its materials and its durability.

Scrap Dealer

Chance the Scrapper is a unique vendor that sells the following items:

Item Price
Kraken Voucher 500 Scrap
Taipan Voucher 5000 Scrap

Scrap-based Crafting Recipes

Scrap can be used for crafting various furniture items at the carpentry station, under the "Scrap Rewards" category.

Too see more information on carpentry and crafting recipes at the carpentry station, click here.

Scrap Rewards
Furniture Materials
Coat Rack 5 metal, 25 wood, 25 Scrap
Dresser 30 wood, 40 wood, 50 Scrap
Bed (Small) 12 wood/metal, 40 wood, 100 Scrap
Fancy Chair 2 wood/metal, 30 wood, 100 Scrap
Mat 16 wood/metal, 4 wood/metal, 100 Scrap
Teacup 8 wood/metal, 150 Scrap
Fancy Desk 20 wood, 20 wood, 200 Scrap
Peony Vase 6 wood/metal, 200 Scrap
Rose Vase 6 wood/metal, 200 Scrap
Tulip Vase 8 wood/metal, 200 Scrap
Partition 20 wood, 30 wood, 250 Scrap
Bed (Large) 20 wood/metal, 60 wood, 300 Scrap
Rug 4 wood/metal, 1 wood/metal, 400 Scrap
Fancy Shelf 2 wood/metal, 40 wood, 600 Scrap
Relic 20 wood/metal, 1000 Scrap
Governor's Chair 60 wood, 15 metal, 20000 Scrap


  • The maximum scrap yield is given when the item is at 100 durability. Durability past 100 does not give extra scrap.
    100 dura scrap comparison.png

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