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Type Junk
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 11000
Speed 9
Max Cargo 12
Other Storage for 60 Cannon Balls


Metal 80
Wood 540
Doubloons 45000
Level 8
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Serpent's junk-rigged sails make her easier to sail upwind.

The Serpent is a level 8 ship capable of a variety of roles, as it has a heavy armament, decent speed, and fairly high cargo capacity. Boarding a Serpent may prove difficult for some players to get on, as it has high and flat sides that can be accessed from the water by use of a ladder on the side of the hull. Serpents struggle with poor maneuverability and a slow turn speed, thus they may have trouble fighting smaller, more maneuverable foes. Its distinctive and large sails also make it an easy target.


  • During the Inyolan Invasion of Whitecrest, five Inyolan Serpents blockaded Whitecrest.
  • The Serpent is one of only three obtainable Junk-Rigged ships in the game, the others being the Kraken, and the Taipan.
  • The Serpent's sail type is actually square, see Wind for more information.

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