Steam Engines

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Steam Engines
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Obtained Crafting
Use Shipbuilding

Steam Engines are obtained via crafting (except in the case of the Advanced Engine, which must be purchased for 1,000 robux at Premium Merchant NPCs) and are used to build ships with built-in steam engines. 1 set of regular Steam Engine Parts are crafted at crafting level 10 with 100 steel and 50 copper, and steam engine parts must be blessed with a Lord Gaben's Blessing before being used in shipbuilding.

Steam Engines in ships can be activated by pressing E. They require Coal in them to run, usually consuming about one coal per minute. The engine speed does not add to the speed of the sails, so using the engine only when needed (going upwind and crosswind) is advised. The Neptune and Poseidon can only crawl without the use of their Engines, so the constant use of their engines to move is required.

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