Super Steamfish

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Super Steamfish
Super Steamfish.png


Type Voucher Ship
Role Combat
Hull Strength 1200
Speed 5, 4 with engine
Max Cargo 4


Doubloons N/A
Level N/A
Other Super Steamfish Voucher x1

The Super Steamfish is a heavily modified Steamfish, equipped with a golden Steam Engine, a radio, and a wooden platform attached to the hull which is large enough to mount one size 6 and one size 3 cannon. It can only be obtained by redeeming one Super Steamfish Voucher at Premium Merchant NPCs.


The Super Steamfish is the earliest example of a voucher ship in Tradelands, being released in 2015.

The Super Steamfish is a common choice for someone looking to do some mischief with little to no crew required, or as a mode of personal transport.

The Super Steamfish comes pre-equipped with an oak/magmite 32-pounder and 12-pounder long gun when created. These cannons have 400 durability by default.

Super Steamfishes only come in one wood type: Inyolan Oak.

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