Swivel Guns

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Swivel Guns


Combat Role Close-Quarters Protection

Swivel Guns are a common cannon to see on ships, but are rarely used in combat (with the exception of Minnowclad variants). As with all cannons, they require roundshot either in the gunner's inventory or in the ship's ammunition storage to fire. They possess large firing arcs, but have extremely short range and quite low damage.

The Spotlight Spotlight is a special swivel gun, one of which which is always automatically mounted on Minnowclad variants when redeemed at the Premium Merchant NPC. Other It does the same damage as a regular Swivel Gun, but has an attached spotlight mounted on the gun as the name implies. The Advanced Swivel is obtained via the same way as the Spotlight Swivel (though some can be obtained through crates), but has slight sighting notches and does slightly more damage than a regular Swivel Gun.


Cannon Name Cannon Size Crafting Level
Swivel Gun 1 2
Advanced Swivel Gun 1 n/a
Spotlight Swivel Gun 1 n/a

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