Verdantium (Island)

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Verdantium (not to be confused with the material) is the home island of Nova Balreska. It is located towards the northwest of the map, and its closest neighboring island is Perth.


The NPC Trader Alexander is the vendor who sells cargo at Verdantium.

List of Cargo
Cargo Price
Grain 0 - 30 doubloons
Limes 0 - 30 doubloons
Lanterns 0 - 30 doubloons
Musical Instruments 1 copper


Southern Cannon Battery

The southern cannon battery, is a defensive structure located at the south-most tip of Verdantium. The structure consists of a raised stone platform with parapets, and a set of wooden stairs that allow access onto the platform. It is with armed with 3 long guns.

Mortar Battery

The mortar battery sometimes called "the central battery" or just "the battery", is a defensive structure located on top of rocks between the grass and port areas of Verdantium, facing towards the southwest. The structure consists of a raised stone platform with parapets. It is armed with 2 long guns and 1 mortar.

Fort Gallant

Fort Gallant is a defensive structure located at the northern end of Verdantium. The front of the fort, facing the southeast, has two arched entrances and a wooden dock that extends straight outwards from the fort. The center of the fort is a plaza with a stone staircase that leads up onto the top of the fort's walls. The walls of the fort is positioned in a rectangular formation, and have parapets upon them. Nova Balreska's prison is located in the fort's interior, where players who combat log are placed. Fort Gallant is armed with 5 long guns, 1 at the southern corner, 1 at the northern corner, and 3 at the eastern corner.

The Sword and Star Tavern

The Sword and Star tavern is a large yellow building located on the eastern side of the island. Inside the tavern is a tavernkeepr NPC named Moe Burke, who sells Salt Water, Lime Juice, and Protein Shakes. The first floor of the tavern has a playable chess board, and the second floor has a board for the Royal Game of Ur.

The music that plays in the Pizzeria is a remix of the piece "Fröhliche Runde".


Most of the houses on Verdantium are located in a row at the docks at the south end of the island. The blue south-most house has a giant large Duracell AA battery, a reference to when Nahr added a Duracell battery where the souther cannon battery is now located, in a joking response to former Verdantine Sovereignty Governor Milbert23's call for a cannon battery to be constructed.


  • Verdantium island once had a "salt mine", which was actually originally intended to be the entrance for a proposed hang-out area for community events. The hang-out area was never finished, and thus the entrance was non-functional, and finally removed. Behind the door at the location was an NPC vendor that was never accessible to players. This entrance was meant to be placed on Freeport, but instead was instead misplaced to Verdantium. The joke about the location being a salt-mine originated from the fact that after one winter, there was a small portion of terrain which didn't revert back to green; the white pile somewhat resembled salt.